Friday, November 12, 2010


Thistles (Sold)

I meant to publish this yesterday.  Of course, I meant to getthe kitchen cleaned yesterday, too.  That didn't happen either.

Anyway, I decided to take some of the pressure off myself.  I want to post something here every day, but some days, it will just be a photo, or a scan of artwork.  I won't always include text, because sometimes, I have nothing to say.

It's not always easy being profound upon demand.


  1. One good comment deserves another. Thanks for your kind words on "The Doodle Daily" my Blog. Now looking at your work, i am so impressed, I will be coming back here often. This is beautiful and some of your other zentangles are just gorgeous. Let's keep our blogs in touch.

    All the best

  2. exquisite inviting mandala. im curious about your substrate, what kind of paper you used to draw it on. and i totally get what you mean by profound on demand. i don't care what those experts say; sometimes a picture is worth 1000 words ;)

  3. Warren, I visit your blog every day for inspiration

    Thank you Whimsey.

    Sue, for this one I used Vellum, then I decoupaged it to a tile.