Sunday, November 7, 2010


Today is the day of Daylights Savings change.  Last night I should have set my clock back 1 hour.  So much for church. 

I am reminded of stories about what happened when the politicians first tried to put Daylights Savings into place.  It was not easy.  (To this day, some places do not observe the changes.)   The farmers, especially, rejected the idea.  They were afraid that an extra hour of sun would burn the crops.  It took some convincing to show them that the actual number of sunny hours would not change.

Many of my ancestors were farmers and my recollection is that they were pretty sharp most of the time, so this story always makes me wonder:   What was in it for the politicians that they wanted to push Daylights Savings, anyway?  Who thought it up, and why?

Nonetheless, here we are, gaining an extra hour today, stolen from last spring.  I wonder what I should do with this lovely extra hour?
     I could take a nap.          
     I could do a little extra cleaning.  (Nah)
     I could call a couple of friends that I have neglected, mainly because we are both so busy. 
     I could read a magazine. 
     I could watch up one of the TV programs I have recorded but never got around to seeing.

Or I could just sit, and BE for a while.  Maybe catch up with myself.

Whatever I do, the hour will come and go, just like all the other hours in my life.  It's amazing how life is made up of tiny moments, strung together to make clumps of life, like beads on a necklace.  Sometimes patterns emerge, but usually they cannot be seen until after the moments are over.  I don't always learn from the patterns, either.    I am quite capable of making the same mistake several different times and in several different ways.

I've always wished I could save up time, put it in a savings account and take out the extra time when I wanted it.  I would not want to be able to give away my extra time, though.  I have visions of that leading to all sorts of problems, like folks selling other peoples time to third parties on the Black Market (sort of like stealing peoples organs and selling them on the Black Market).

Time.  It rules all of us.  Well, maybe, because of this extra hour, I could just relax and slow down.  Enjoy the "now".

Actually, a nap sounds good.

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