Saturday, November 6, 2010

Keith, baby, I am so sorry

Keith Olbermann has just been suspended by MSNBC for contributing $2,400.00 to Democratic political candidates.  On the same network, the morning new hosts gave to Republican Candidates, but they were Not suspended.  What gives?

Easy, Follow the Money.

I understand that COMCAST is in negotiations to buy NBC and their CEO and Board are very right-wing conservatives.  They don't like Keith.  They are not happy that he has a platform.

I am not happy that he doesn't.

Let me make one thing clear, I am not a Democrat, I am a Flaming Liberal (AND I am also in favor of fiscal responsibility.  The two are NOT incompatible).  Keith is far too conservative for me, but he will do for now.

I was once a Hippie.  Only for me, it was not just 'fashionable'.  I didn't care about the clothes or the music, I cared about the politics.  They spoke to my very core with the idea of fair play, equal justice, civil rights, and peace.  I still believe in those things, but obviously, these values have gone out of style.

I wonder what happened to the American Dream of Freedom?  I don't think it can work when there is only one voice heard, only one opinion allowed.  (Personally, I would like to do away with a 2 party system and have a multi-party system.  I actually think more voices would be heard, plus, with shifting alliances, you might have to be careful about what you say about another party, since you might want to work with them in the future. Wishful thinking, I know.)  Keith was a voice, crying in the wilderness, a voice we greatly needed.  Yes, I would have preferred that he be less sarcastic about the opposition, but then I would prefer that the opposition would do the same.  I would prefer that both sides listen to each other and make room for even more voices, because there is almost always more than two sides to any issue.

But of course, my aging Hippie values would lead me into thinking that such a world is possible, that people can live together in peace, even when they have very different ideas.

It won't happen, and I know that.  But a wistful part of me still hopes that America will someday live up to her promise.

Keith, baby, I hope they re-instate you, even if it is just until the end of your contract.  We need you.

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