Monday, January 30, 2012

So what is the purpose of this Blog?

Well, being disabled proposes many challenges.  One of the hardest for me is to have any meaning or value in my life.  Why live?  What am I good for?

Most of my life I have been wrestling with that very question. Even before the disability.  And now, shut away from people and in very little contact with the outside world, what is it that I can give?  What worth is my life?

That perhaps is the answer to ‘why blog?’.  By blogging, I am reaching out.  Whom am I reaching out to?  To anyone that wants to read it.  To anyone who wants to hear what I have to say.  Who know?  You might see something you recognize in yourself.   You may even be working on some of the same questions. 

You may have something to say that I need to hear.

This blog will be about art, politics, spirituality and small reflections.  Sometimes there will be stories.

As with most Blogs, I am reaching out, trying to connect.  I believe this is something we all need.   I believe that humans, touching other humans, is the most powerful force in this world.  And it is our greatest hope for Peace.

I do not expect that this blog will be consistent, since I am not.   I hope to write often, but make no rash promises as to how often that may be.  Hopefully, it will amuse.  Hopefully, it might help to explain things.  Hopefully it will allow you to see things in a different light.  And hopefully, sometimes it will make you think.

And I hope that sometimes, it will be a dialogue, not just a soliloquy.  I invite you to comment freely.  Please,  invite me to think or to see things in a different light.   Your wisdom is irreplaceable and I may need to hear it.

All I ask is that we treat each other with respect, even when we do not agree.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Why Blog ? Pt 1

Why Blog?  That is the question.  Whether  ‘tis nobler in the mind . . . . . er, no.  Getting started on entirely the wrong foot here.

Rather the question I need to know, for myself, is why write this blog?  What is the purpose?

To answer that, I have to be clear about some aspects of myself.
- First off, I am an American, a country that is not living up to what it can or should be.  I do mean to say that we are the worst country in the world: we are not.  But we have wasted our potential, who we could be.  I fear that we may be in the twilight of our golden age.  It saddens me, because in spite of our flaws, I do love this country.
- I am female in a family that valued it’s daughters as much as its sons.
- I am an ordained minister.  I have served 5 congregations over the course of the years.  I am not a Christian, although I have a profound and deep respect for the teachings of Jesus.  But I see value in many different paths.  I see the sense in Atheism, although I am a theist.  I think the most honest Theological stance is Agnosticism, although I am not one.
- I am an animal lover.  All my life (except for about a week and a half, 8 years ago) I have lived with a number of animals.   I once had a pet fly who came when she was called.   Except for ticks and fleas, I pretty much like all critters.  As of right now, I live with three dogs and 6 cats.  I also like the human animal (usually).
- I am a mystic.
- I am an artist.
- I am disabled and housebound (bedridden) most of the time.
- I have no family that is involved in any way in any part of my life.
- By American standards, I am very poor.
- By my standards, I am wealthy beyond measure.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

It was another beautiful day again, soft cool breezes but not actually cold, even though it is winter here. I am so grateful to have my tiny home and my animals and my human friends as well.

I was reminded again this morning of how very fortunate I am in my friends.  I've always had excellent taste in people and my friends are stellar individuals, folks I am proud to know, folks I am proud to introduce to others.  Some people think I am attracted to difficult people, and perhaps I am, but they are worth it.  They may be difficult, but they are honest, trustworthy and true.

Today could have been ugly, because of things going on in my life, but instead it was a wonderful day, because a friend decided to pick me up  and taek me on some errands.
Simple thoughtfulness.  No big deal, no earth-shaking acts, just small gestures that said that she cared, without ever using the words.

I am blessed.  I hope to pass it on.

May you do the same.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

102 years old

                                                                Clay Zentangle    5" by 7"

Well, the New Year is no longer quite so new.  It is more than half past the first month.  I am already used to writing the new year (2012) on my checks.

Tomorrow (Jan 20th) is a special day for me.  It will be my mother's 102 birthday -- if she were still alive. She remembered the end of  the Great War.  Sadly she was also around when they had to change the name of the war to World War I.  She and Papa were married in the midst of the Great Depression and had two sons before the beginning of  WWII.  She remembered the first time she saw an automobile and the first time she heard radio.  She remembered the first time she ever went up in a plane.  She lived long enough to see Mankind land on the moon -- twice.

It is from my mother that I get my love of reading, my poor eyesight and my bone structure.  It is from here that I got my love of stories and love for animals.  And it is from my mother that I got a deep and practical sense of awe at the universe.

Mother taught me to live my values (She certainly lived hers) and to practice kindness (she was better at that than I am).

In my lifetime, I have accomplished a few small things that I am proud of.  But if I have done so, it is because I stand on the shoulders of giants.  My mother was a quiet, loving, gentle Giant with a heart that encompassed all of creation.

I bow my head to her.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Catching up

I realize I have not posted here in quite a while.  Sadly, I will not be posting regularly.  My apologies to all my new friends.

The good news is that I have finally figured out how to put together an Etsy shop!  So, I have most of my Mandalas and all of the Musings and I will be adding more things as I can.  You can see my work at:

The handy thing about this blog is the links on the side to some wonderful artists.

Thanks to those of you who have visited.  I do appreciate you.

- byrd