Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

The View from my Kitchen Window

As I type this, it is late at night on Thanksgiving in the United States.  I hope you each had a good time with family and friends.  By the time most of you will read this, it will be 'Black Friday', the biggest shopping day of the year.  Many of you will be out there, helping the merchants to be able to pay their bills.

Me?  I'm not setting foot outside the house if I can help it.   Actually, I like the crowds and the hustle and bustle.  It's fun, and  they start playing Christmas music over the loudspeakers.  I love Christmas music.  No, the reason I will not be joining you is because I am watching my budget like a hawk.  Frankly, there are too many places where I cannot be trusted.  So it's better to just not put temptation in my path.

Instead, I am hoping to spend a quiet day with the animals and maybe a good book.

Whatever you decide to do, enjoy.

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