Sunday, March 4, 2012


Phoenix  (Applique)

I just finished reading a blog that talked about why she advocates NOT checking e-mail first thing in the morning. (Her blog is in my Inspirational blogs section, entitled: Welcome to my World")  She says she gets distracted and goes off in a completely different direction that she planned.

She says that rather, we should start the day doing Art.

Well, she is an artist, so she would say that.  So am I, so I can really relate to what she says, because I have found it to be true for me also.  But I strongly suspect that it is true for most folks.

It's important to do something that gives your life meaning (that's what Art does for me) first thing in the morning.  Give your life Meaning.  Then you can do the mundain things, like checking e-mail.  Even if it carries you off, you have still accomplished something, you have still made some meaning for the day.

I think I will try that.

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  1. Great suggestion! I often find myself sidetracked by e-mail, so I use up my "me" time. I am going to commit to using that time for writing or art instead.