Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A PArtial List of Lists

A friend of mine recently mentioned that there will still a lot of things on her ‘Bucket List’.   You know, the list of things you want to do before you die.
It started me thinking.  Frankly, I have done most of the things I wanted to do. 
-     It would be nice to publish one of my books before I die, but it’s OK if it doesn’t happen.   (Three children’s books and one novel)
-     I’d like to work at an animal refuge of some sort, because I love being with animals and it would feel I had made a difference with my life. 
-     I’d like to teach a few more classes in:
       Reality-Based Self Esteem
       Exploring Meaning & Worth in your life
But that’s about it.  I’ve done most of what I wanted.

My friend’s comment, though, started me thinking about Lists.
I like lists.  There are all sorts of lists.  Letterman proves that.  And there some fun lists that from time to time some folks make up.  Usually the lists are something like:

-     10 greatest fears
-     10 greatest Joys
-     10 Favorite Books/movies/music/etc.
-     10 most influential people in my life

Those Lists are fun to do.  No right or wrong, although when shared, sometimes they are good for a laugh or two.  And it’s an interesting/fun  way of getting to know someone a little.

But then there are other lists, lists that make you think and re-evaluate.   Again, there is no right or wrong, just your personal opinion/experience.   The results of some of these lists would only be shared with  close and trusted friend.   
It should be noted that ‘10’ is an arbitrary number.  If need be, substitute the number “5” instead.

  Here are a few of the lists I think about and might fill out sometime:

-     10 Lessons I should have learned by now

-     10 Lessons I don’t want to learn

-     10 Events in History that I wish had not happened

-     10 Things I’m glad I failed at

-     10 Expectations of my family that I did not fulfill

-     10 Expectations of my family that I did fulfill

-     10 things I wish God would do

-     10 Good failures in History

Someday I may work on one or more of these lists and I may or may not share the results with you.  Or, I may share a different list with you, one that is not listed here.
In the meantime, I invite you to fill out one of these lists.  Or share a list of your own.

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