Sunday, March 18, 2012


Nicky died yesterday.  The police do not yet know if it was murder but they suspect it was.  Her sister and grandmother found the body.  Nicky's dog was guarding the body.   It's such a shame because Nicky was putting her life back together.  It looked like she had kicked her drug habit and she had enrolled to go back to collage.  She was talented, bright and resourceful.  Her dog refused to leave her side until the grandmother held her as the paramedics took away the body.  The dog is now with the grandmother who raised her, as is her sister.

Sadly, this story is all too common.  The waste of a human life, the potential lost, it grieves my heart.  

I know that too many of you, dear readers, have someone in your life who is caught up in drugs.  Some of you have lost dear ones.  And there is very little that we can do about it.   Love does not keep people safe, it only lets them know they are not alone unless they choose to be so.

I will hold Nicky in my heart and do what I can for her grandmother and sister.   If you pray, pray for them.  If you do not pray, hold them in your thoughts for a moment.

May Peace be with us all.

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