Saturday, April 2, 2011


Well, life has been going on, even when I don't post.  A few of the highlights: 
- My car got broke.  I took it in and had it fixed.  Then it died again (different symptoms) and again I had it fixed.  I did not have the money for any of this.  I guess we will all be eating lightly this month.
- I worked on a whole bunch of Mandalas, in particular, some clay ones.  And a friend of mine cut the boards so I can do more.
- That same friend fell down and broke his hip.  He is now in the Hospital and may go home tomorrow.  Since I now have a working car, I may play Angel of Mercy and buy him some groceries.
- I finally have a new roommate.  She will be moving in this week-end.
- I actually did the Zentangle challenge this week.  Now we will see if I post it in time (it's due by tomorrow night)
-And ---- drum roll please ---- I finally put up one item on my Artfire account for sale.  I actually figured out how to do it!  Of course, I may never be able to repeat the experience, but then again, now there is hope that I may actually be able to do it again.

4" by 4"   Clay Mandala

So, my task for the near future is to take some photos for uploading and make more to put on the web.

Wish me luck.


  1. I hope you remain patient. I am sure you will be able to resolve the problem. There is no temptation of God that is beyond us. I am also sad your accident, as well as your friends. May your family remain in God's protection.

  2. A busy week, dear.
    I hope everything will be ok soon.
    We missed you last week! :))

  3. Oh, Thanks, both of you. I'm fine and so is the car. My friend should be going home today.

    And . . . I got to teach art today to a really neat kid that is autistic. He did great! So I am a happy camper.

  4. I am so happy that you are back!!! We went to Winters, CA and saw 14 month old great grand baby for first time!! Love you my friend!!