Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Above is another page from one of my coloring books.  It contains a few of my favorite words.  I have cut them up for Art Cards, used them in collages and in greeting cards.  And while I love the design part of it all (this was before I discovered Zentangles), What is important to me are the words.

I like words, what they mean, how they affect us.   Words can be healing.  Words can inspire confidence.  Words can give hope.   Yes, words can also undo all those things, too, but I try to use words that will give comfort and joy.

Recently, I read about someone who teaches her students to make lists (I think she teaches philosophy in a collage setting).  Like a list of 10 folks who have most affected them into being who they are now,  Or a list of 10 people they admire.

Just for the fun of it, I made up a list of lists.  Someday I will do some of the lists.  Each list would contain at least 10 different entries.  So, here is my list of lists for now.

My greatest fears
Lessons I should have learned by now
Lessons I don’t want to learn
Favorite Color Combinations
Events in History that I wish had not happened
Things I wish I had done
Reasons I don’t want to be Cool (unmoved by anything)
Things I’m glad I failed at
Expectations of my parents that I did not fulfill
Expectations of my family that I did fulfill
10 things I wish God would do

I invite you to fill out a list (one of these or one of your own choice), or to make a lists of lists you think might be helpful for you.


  1. Hmmm....dreams that died; dreams that came true; things I didn't know I wanted until they happened; false expectations of myself; false expectations of others; reasons weird is good... interesting assignment...gonna think some on this. Food for thought!

  2. Formerly I made lists too… But a few years ago I came across 'mind-mapping'. A fantastic, revolutionary way to make lists / to summarize whole books etc. With mindmaps you activate both hemispheres of your brain to come up with ideas excessively.
    The pic reminds me of mindmaps too – animating the whole brain to create a higher amount of solutions because the logical and the creative part are activated.

    If you´re interested in reading more about this technique:
    take a look at the video of the inventor of mindmapping Ton Buzan or at his site .

    Have fun,