Monday, April 11, 2011

First Watercolor

The other day some friends of mine came over to spend some time doing artwork.  We try to get together every Sat., and we make it more often than not. 

My friends are going to Europe in the Fall, to take some classes in Watercolor.  Neither of them have ever done any watercolor, so they signed up for classes locally so that they would have a little bit of a background when they try painting in Europe.  They are both enjoying the classes, but one of them has really taken off.  She started as a rank beginner and within just four or five weeks she is doing credible work. ( I try not to be jealous.  Watercolor is not my thing.  I did some in Collage, but all my teachers were seriously into large, big paintings and I am into small, sometime miniature work.   Since now most of my work is done in bed, I absolutely have to keep things small.)

Anyway, this week, she asked me to keep her company by doing watercolor with her rather than some other medium.  OK, what the heck?  But I still prefer small pictures, so I  wanted something on a 5" by 7" piece of watercolor paper.  First I had to find a picture I liked.  I found one in one of my instructional art books and drew it.  Then I began to paint.  I was surprized at how it turned out.  While it is not great, still, for someone who has not done any watercolor for at least 35 years (and wasn't very good to begin with), I like it.

So, here is my first attempt at watercolor in this century:

I'm now in the mood for dragons.  I think I might try some more.


  1. I love watercolors… The way colors of several translucent layers create another color that still shows its 'parentage'.
    Your dragon is awesome!

  2. A good results for an beginning step. I knew that not easy playing with water colors.

  3. This is great, Byrd! Obviously the dragon simply needed to be and overrode your reluctance to watercolour. Impressive!