Saturday, April 23, 2011


This week, the challenge over at IamtheDiva is to Zentangle an egg shape – or maybe even Zentangle an egg!  Well, I wanted to put in my two cents about eggs, actually more like five cents.
Many thousands of years ago, when I was middle-aged, I discovered polymer clay (long story in and of itself, but not relevant here).  At the time I was doing art in many different media: Acrylic paints, Oils, original needleworks, strange concoctions with tissue paper, the list goes on -- endlessly.  But when I discovered polymer clay, everything else fell away.  I loved it!  I could do so much with it: decorate anything you could heat up in an oven, sculpture of all kinds, pet portraits you could wear as broaches, even painting pictures with clay!  For over ten solid years I did nothing but polymer clay.  It was wonderful.
Anyway, one of the things I used to love most was covering egg (real eggs) with clay.  I was pretty good at it (she said modestly) and did a lot of them.  Here is one that uses mokume gane.

In many cultures, eggs have a spiritual meaning.  They represent the obvious: beginning, innocence, hope, redemption.  And eggs, especially polymer clay eggs, are sensual to hold.  So I made lots and lots of them. 
One form of decoration fascinated me the most.  It’s called the medallion design.  In many ways it is similar to a Mandala.  Here is an example of a Medallion egg:

Both of these pictures were taken against a mirror, so you can see just a bit of the other side of them.

Back to the Challenge.  The Diva has called for a Zentangle Egg.  I comply.  Here is my effort to add to the collection.


  1. fabulous post and beautiful eggs. I love the ones you have done in the past and the zentangle pattern is beautiful!

  2. The clay eggs are BEAUTIFUL. And your drawing evokes the medallion egg design fabulously.

  3. All your eggs are great. I'm in awe of you clay covered eggs!

  4. Thanks for sharing! The clay eggs are really beautiful and I love your tangled egg too!