Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tangling with Colors

This is a review of Marie Browning's new book, "Time to Tangle with Colors".

I love this book.  If you don't read a word of the instructions, if you don't have any of the art supplies, if you never tangle at all, it is still worth getting for the sheer beauty of the pictures.  And she has Lots of pictures.

Browning is a Certified Zentangle Teacher.  Her professionalism shows in this work.  While it does include a few tangles, the book pretty much assumes that you are familiar with Zentangling.  She concentraits on just what the Title implies: Color.

The book does an excellent job of illustraiting different media and she packs a LOT of information into this book. She introduces the novice to the color wheel and basic color theory in just a few pages.  She covers colored pencils, watercoloring, and a variety of  technics I had never thought of applying to Zentangles.  She has obviously done her homework and explores all sorts of ideas that I can't wait to try.

She does assume that the reader has certain art supplies available.  Tombow Markers, for instance.   I agree with her that they are marvelous, but not all art supply stores carry them.  Also Glimmer Mists are not easily found in a store.  She does give online URLs for where to purchase them, but I usually prefer to be able to hold the product in my hand and look at it before I buy.  Frankly, that's the only negative comment I can think of, except she does leave me hungry to see more of her work.

As I said, I love this book.  It is a treat to the eye and makes me want to drop everything and go color a tangle.

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