Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Color Thoughts

Lately, I have been hungry for color.  Not sure why or what triggered it (Nothing to do with http://enthusiasticartist.blogspot.com/ Feb 3 post.   Nope, nope, not a thing.), but this craving for color is not unusual for me.
I remember when I bought my first house, I was so hungry for color that I purchased the brightest dark blue I could find and painted the entire bedroom, including the ceiling, in the mesmerizing color.  Of course, it was not the best idea I have had.  The room was overly oppressive and dark.  I learned the lesson that sometimes color needs to be balanced in order to really appreciate it. 
I can remember that the artist Peter Max who was famous for his bright vibrant colors (from the 60s, Yellow Submarine?), said he was frequently asked ‘what was his favorite color?’, and he would always reply “I have no favorite color.  But I have Ten Thousand favorite color combinations.”
That’s me.
I love all sorts of colors.  I love the way they interact with one another.  Color dances for me.  It speaks to my spirit and calls me to gratitude.  My heart rejoices when I see a symphony of color  and I want to save it in my very being.  I usually prefer the bright clean colors, or the soft, dreamy pastels.  But sometimes even the muted colors will bring forth a song.

I do love the stark Black & White of Zentangles.  The sheer cleanness, the unambiguity of them (although I do love ambiguity, too) have a rhythm and melody all their own.

But lately I have been doing lots and lots of Zendalas.  But when I finish one, I almost always want to see it in color.  So I have been copying my Zendalas & coloring the copy.  The results, I like.
So I thought I might share with you a few examples of my Zendalas, before and after the color was added.
For your viewing pleasure:
Here is a nice little Black & White Zendala (before)
Now check out what happens when color is added:
I really like what happens.  For me, color adds depth and brings things to life.  Now, the Black and White can be stunning, but so can the color versions.  Here is another example:

  How about this set?

Or this set?

BTW, I should mention here that I was politely asked to leave Art School, because I could not finish the last two required classes.  They were about color theory, and I am partially color-blind, you see.

Moral?  Never give up your Art.



  1. Never give up your art, INDEED - just goes to show; why do some people assume that they know what art is and is not?....

  2. WOW and WOW again!! These colored versions are awesome. And your thoughts of colors and coloring are so appealing to me.
    Please continue coloring. I adore your work and all the ideas and musings…