Friday, February 18, 2011

My Friend

Paisley Trading Card 1a

In my previous post, I talked about Trading cards.  Altogether we do have enough to have a swap, but since some of the participants are taking Zentangle Teacher Training, I'm waiting just a little before sending out the details.  Until then, anyone can sign up that wants to join us.

Tonight I am thinking how grateful I am for my friends and colleagues.  One of my gifts is that I have excellent taste in friends. 

Tonight I am thinking of a friend who is a single young woman, currently taking classes to become a foster parent.   Her ultimate goal is to adopt a sibling group.  She wants children in her life but there is no partner on the horizon and she doesn't see any reason to wait.  
I admire her so much.  There are hundreds of thousands of children that need loving homes, but because they are not babies or because they have brothers and sisters they want to stay with, most of them will never know what it is to have a home growing up.  They will grow up thinking that no one loves them, that no one cares about them.  No child should ever experience that.  And such conditions do not lend themselves to healthy citizens and happy lives.  Yes, some foster children do very well and become wonderful warm human beings, but for most of the kids, they experience a totally unearned pain.  Because those children, too, are wonderful, creative, caring kids.  They deserve love and a home, just as all of us do.

So, to my friend, I salute you.  You will make a great Mom, and those kids will be blessed -- as am I, just to know you.

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  1. I love your paisley card and I love ATCs! I've started a Zentangle Inspired Art Group on Yahoo - please feel free to stop by - I want to get some swaps started in March and I would be thrilled if you would like to host and/or participate. Here is the link: