Saturday, January 8, 2011

Weekly Challenge #3

Over at "I am the Diva" (, Laura is giving out a challenge to Zentanglers.  Every week it's a new challenge.  This week the Challenge was to draw the string with your eyes shut.

The drawing above is my attempt.  It was fun.  And some of the other offerings are simply marvelous.  Anyone who is interested is welcome to join.


  1. Cool one, dear.
    I left you a mail on Flickr for the trade. :)

  2. Zap, bzzz! I can feel the electricity from here (and that's saying something, 'cause I'm in Australia!!). This one is bursting off the page. Great energy. Fun, fun, fun!! ♥Namaste

  3. Beautiful work! I see fractures and you have mercifully taped a big one that is healing! Great tangle.

  4. Love the pattern of hatched diamonds and ellipses.
    And the chain around it. And the firework of wobbly lines and points…
    Love this tile!

  5. So whimsical and fun! It reminds me of an angel fish - Awesome!!!