Monday, January 10, 2011

More on the Challenge

The work above is one of my very favorite pieces (I may have posted it here before, but what the heck? If I did, it was way in the beginning and I really do like it.).  I embossed the drawing and then colored it in with gel pens (shading with gel pens is very tricky!). 
Somehow, I don't really like to use the words 'gel pens' when describing the work.  'Gel pens' sound so trite, not at all artistic.  I prefer to use the term 'colored inks' or 'art inks'.   Ah well.  My ego is showing.

In the last post, I mentioned the Weekly Challenge that IamtheDiva is posting (see below).  I am really enjoying the challenge and intend to continue.  But I want to comment further about it. 
There are so many positive and (to me) unexpected perks to this challenge.  For one thing, it brings many more folks to my site, which is always flattering.  But even better, this challenge lets me see  the work of so many other talented artists!  I have visited all sorts of blogs that I never knew about before, which then lets me see all the different gifts that folks have.  I wonder about, ooohing and ahhhing, and then I click on some of their links and get to see even more!  What a treat!  It has opened up my world so much.  I really appreciate it.

But there is one other unexpected treat:  Often, I want to leave a short message, so I write my comment and then, before it can be posted, the site will ask for a 'word verification'.  These word verifications are (I assume) randomly chosen letters and numbers, set in confusing backgrounds and often warped.  I understand that they keep us safer by screening out miscreants.
But I have to tell you, I get the biggest kick out of some of the words that come up!  I try to pronounce them --which is not always easy.  Some of them might make good names for a pet.  Some of them cry out for a definition (which would no doubt be very strange).  Some of them look like they are place-names from a fantasy novel.  They are often good for a giggle.

So thank you, Diva, for your gifts to us.  I can hardly wait for the next challenge!


  1. First, I love your beautiful drawing colored with "colored inks". It is very organic in feeling which I always enjoy. What is really interesting is both the comments you made about the benefits of this challenge reflect my feeling exactly! I love the new world that unfolding before me and the new friendships that are evolving. I also had to laugh at the passwords, it would be a fun game trying to make definitions for them.
    I also have enjoyed exploring your blog, your zendalas and your musings.

  2. wonderful work Byrd ! love the color palette you've used!and your blogs aspect!..and i always giggle too when have to type those words!
    now get your pencil,waiting for your zentangle!

    ps.the word now is womon lol

  3. This is one of my favorite!
    I left you a message with my address on Flickr about the trade. :)

  4. Amen to your post! I agree completely!

  5. I love how your drawing looks like the sun is shining through. Very cool!