Wednesday, December 15, 2010


 One of the kittens just jumped on the bed and decied to help me type.  She is a beautiful little girl with a sweet face and a loud purr.  She likes to lie down on me and nuzzle, she also bites very, very gently -- her understanding of a kiss.  Two other golden cats are asleep on the bed and both of them are snoring softly.  The dogs are curled up and sleeping at the foot of the bed.

It seems for all the world as if the kitten and I are the only two beings awake.  Her purr is comforting and her nose is cold.  Her name is Prescott and I got her to keep the other kitten (Paulie Paul) company.  It was love at first sight with the two of them.  Within 10 minutes of her arrival, they were playing with each other.  They often sleep with paws wrapped around each other.  The sight always warms my heart.

At times like this, I realize how very lucky I am.  So many people live in places where there is war.  So many people, in every country, do not have enough to eat.  So many people can only pray that their children will live long enough to grow up.  So many people, our brothers and sisters, so many are in want or fear.  I wish we could reach out our hands to one another and share our bounty.  I wish we could heal each other, not only of illnesses, but also heal each other of hatred and sorrow.  I wish.

Prescott has curled up on me and is purring herself to sleep.  I cannot save the world, no one can.  I cannot make sure that everyone is fed, that everyone has shelter and warmth.   I cannot hold the world safe in my arms.   But I can hold Prescott safe, to some degree.  I can give her love, food, shelter and safety.

It's my little corner of the world and I do what I can.

We all do.

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