Monday, December 6, 2010


Take what you like and leave the rest

It was a few years ago, during a youth camp-out.  I had burnt the popcorn and was struggling with cleaning the pan.  As I scrubbed, a call came to join the others outside.

Looking up at the Moon through a friend's telescope on a crisp, clear night, there was a strong sense of wonder and awe. My complacent little human bubble seemed to have no place in the scheme of things.  I was reminded of the Psalmist words "What is man, Oh Lord, That Thou art Mindful of him?" and again I think that perhaps we over-rate our importance in the Universe.

The Clarity of the Craters of the Moon looked like jewels, cold and aloof from Human dealings. They seem eternal, unchanging.  Human politics and human affaires seem so momentary, so inconsequential.   What would it matter if the whole human race decided to end itself?

We take ourselves so seriously. I sometimes wonder if we may be the only ones who do.

Surly any God would have so much more to be concerned with than our petty problems.

Surely the creation of a new comet or star would be far more important than any thought of solving our petty human problems.

Yet, as I looked through the telescope at the wonder of a double star, I could remember times of Grace, times of unexpected blessings of Joy.  It would seem as if we were created for just such times.  Perhaps our role is to see the beauty & the awe and rejoice in it.

And again, I wrestled with musings of exactly who are we humans?  What is our place in the Universe?

Then I went back to cleaning out the burnt Popcorn Pan.

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