Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Day Before the Day Before

Take what you like and leave the rest

It is the Day Before the Day Before Christmas.  When I was a child, this was an unbelievably exciting time.  Would Mother like the paper star I made for? Would Papa like his new tie?   And most importantly, what would I be getting?  Yes, Christmas was all about presents.

Christmas has a different meaning to me now.  Now, I think of that child, born so many years ago.  And I think of the children that are born today.  Each child is a child of hope, a child of promise, a child of wonder.  Each child born is a child of untold blessings.  All over the world, the miracle happens, again and again.  We humans have build different cultures and different ways of being human, different politics and different economic systems.  But what binds us together is stronger than that which tears us apart. 

We all want peace for our children.  We all want our children to live healthy and prosper.  And we all know that our children will make their own way, despite how much we want to protect them.

But still, there is that wonder, that promise, that hope, for each child born.  And we would be wise to remember that once, we too were that child of hope, wonder and promise.

We still are.