Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Purple Mandala

I have always loved Manalas, even before I knew the name for them.  I have created far too many to count.  And these days I do Zentangle Mandalas (known as Zentangles), Mandalas in pen & Ink, Colored Mandalas, Black & White Mandalas and -- my personal favorite -- Clay Mandalas.  I have even begun to put together a coloring book of Mandalas.

The picture above is one of my many clay Mandalas.  This particular Mandala is 6" by 8".  I usually start in the center and work out (but there is no wrong way to do them), so, in effect I watch them grow.  I don't plan ahead, because I want the Mandala to evolve in it's own way, rather than to force a pattern on it.  Everything has symbolic meaning, from the colors to the shapes, the patterns and the 'flow'.  And no two are alike.  I like that, the endless possibilities, limited only by my own imagination.

Mandalas are used in every part of the world and in almost every religion as aids in prayer, meditation and healing.  The sand paintings of the Pueblo Indians, the sand paintings from India, the Rose Windows in medieval cathedrals in Europe,  all are examples of Mandala.  And I admit to getting lost (visually speaking) in them.  They do help me, both in creating them and in Viewing them.

So today I share with you this Mandala.  I hope it adds to your day.


  1. I started working with Mandalas about a year ago. They are so much fun and also very relaxing to work in. I have never seen one done in polymer clay. This one is lovely! :)