Tuesday, May 17, 2011


     This particular Zendala is one of my favorites.  For a while I was turning out Zendalas like crazy.  I think I finished up over 35 of them in less than a week.  
     To make a Zendala, I first draw a small set of concentric circles on a 3 1/2 by 3 1/2 tile, Then add guide lines.  This is done in pencil.  Then I take my trusty Micro Pen And draw in the design.  I do all ink work in freehand.  After it's done, I let it sit overnight to dry.  Then the next day, I erase the pencil lines.
     Next, I scan it into my computer and put the original away.  I print out a copy or two and color it in, usually with colored pencils.  Sometimes I then cut out the Zendala very carefully and place it on a colored background of some sort.  Sometimes I leave it in tile form.  Then I put it in my computer for posting purposes.

     However, this format is not new to me.  I did several Mandalas in Polymer clay.  I absolutely Love doing them in clay!  As I was working on a new clay Mandala,  two thoughts occurred to me.
      1) I would like to make personalized Mandalas for folks, mostly out of polymer clay.

     After all, Mandalas were originally a spiritual symbol, used as an aide in prayer or healing.  Many cultures and religions use them:  Hindu sand paintings, Christian Rose windows,  Navajo Sand paintings, to name but a few.  And for years I have studied the esoteric meaning of different colors.  So if someone wanted a Mandala for finding a job, for instance, I know what colors to use (orange for attraction, Green for money, etc.)  I would love to try that on my ArtFire account (Unfortunately, I will first have to figure out how to upload pictures and post there).

     2) I am involved in a women's group and they have loved my Zendalas.  I ran off a few tiles for them to color and they had a great time.  I'm thinking that perhaps some other folks might enjoy a small coloring book with 25 or so  tiles to color.

     Hopefully, tomorrow I will have a picture to show you of my latest PC mandala.