Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Vine-Tree

 Chalice and Trees.
 Needlepoint on 22 count canvas with pearle cotton.  Approx. 18" by 24" unframed

When I was around 8 years old, I had a dream.

In that dream I saw a large piece of paper and as I watched, it began painting itself with an abstract background of almost hot pink and almost lemon yellow.  The two colors were the same value, so it was a little difficult to tell them apart. 
After the backgound was finished, a vine started to grow in from the side.  The vine looked just like the Disney animations of a vine growing.  The vine was a dark purple-red-maroon.  It twisted and curled as it grew. 
Then it started to spread out leaves.  The top of the leaves was the same color as the vine, dark purple-red-maroon, but the underside of the leaves were a light blue-violet, almost pastel.  The vine grew and grew until everything was covered and you could only see the background in tiny openings between the leaves here and there.

Later, the vines became trees and the tree trunk changed color.

I have no idea what that dream meant.  I have no memory of what was going on in my life at that point.  But I do remember the dream, the colors were so vivid, and the movement was so smooth.  I have never been able to forget it.

In every medium I have ever worked with, I was drawn back to that dream, and to make a representation of it.   The picture above is the version I did in needlepoint.

A lot of my artwork is inspired by long-remembered dreams.  I wish I could claim that they are deep and meaningful, but if they are, it is beyond me. 

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  1. Beautiful needlepoint! I can't say I've ever used my dreams as food for inspiration. For some reason I very, VERY seldom dream and when I do it is usually a repetitive nightmare. I have about five that seem to rotate around, any time I actually manage to hit REM...this is NOT inspiring. On the other hand, you've taken this child's processing of some forgotten event and turned it into art - now THAT is inspiring! *G*