Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger down

Oh, My!  That was scary, Blogger being down for so long.    I checked it every time I thought of it, but no, just a sign, saying it wasn't there.  Seemed like days, maybe weeks even!

I was trying to think how I would find all of you again, since now what I do is to use the links on the side here to check your blogs.  How would I find The Challenge?  Would there even be one since I couldn't remember if she was on Blogger?

Then I began to feel paranoid.
 Was it just me?  Had I violated some secret code of conduct and I was being banned?   Had I lost the only means of contact with all my many new friends?
 What if it was only just me?  Did that mean that no one could see what I had posted last?  How could I contact folks to let them know that dropping the connection wasn't personal?   Was my artwork too racy?

I racked my brain, trying to think if I had offended someone recently that they may have reported me.  For what?  What could I have said, or done, or drawn, or posted that I would get blacklisted?

Then I began to feel the withdrawal.  No checking on what others were posting. .  No encouraging notes from y'all to goad me on to do more.  No leaving pithy notes of encouragment to any of you.   No new patterns from Molasses.  No new Zentangles to admire.  No new doodles to see.  Nothing to inspire me.

The ancient human cry of "Am I all alone?" ripped from my lips.  It scared the dogs.

Then Blogger came back on line and all was well.  (Whew!)

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  1. I felt some of the same thing. I started up a sister blog on Wordpress, where I'm not posting all the same stuff as I do on Blogger. Next time Blogger has a problem, I'm ready!

    Your stitched ZTs are ravingly gorgeous!