Sunday, May 1, 2011

Artwork from long ago

Just for the fun of it, I thought I might like to share some very old artwork with you. 

Many thousands of years ago, when I was married to my first husband, he didn't much like my doing artwork.  It was too messy.  It smelled (paints, you know).  And he just plain didn't like it. 

But I need to do art like I need air.  So I discovered Needlework (Thanks Kris!).  That was acceptable to him.  So, I did a lot of needlework, all my own design, of course (I can't follow someone else's design.  It's too much work and I don't feel like I did it). And most of it was pretty big, too.

I did finally leave him and had a much better experience with my second husband.  In any case, though, I found out that I love doing needlework.  I used to do just needlepoint on fine canvas. 

These days when I do needlework it is applique or embroidery, usually with a bit of mixed media. (Today it is a lot of hassle to do needlework, what with 7 cats helping at every move.  They love it but it tends to frustrate me.)

But I'm not showing you my recent work just now.  This piece is very last century.  It is counted cross-stitch on 22 count linen and is form of embroidery called "Blackwork"   The picture itself I drew from a picture in the front of an embroidery book.  Each and every one of the designs are ones that I found or created myself.  It is about 12 inches by 19 inches and is currently hanging in my living room.  It's a little zentangly -- maybe?  ( Zentangle fans: click on the picture once.  then click on it one more time for a closeup of the designs)

                                                                   Cat & Dishes

In the future I may share more of my older work.  Especially the textile work.  I have quite a bit of it and do not know what to do with it.  It's all framed and ready to be hung (well, most of it is anyway) but I ran out of relatives quite some time ago.  I'm thinking of putting it on my ArtFire account -- if I can ever figure out how to post another item.


  1. Fancy that, Zentangles are a perfect progression to your creativity! I clicked on it for a close up, wow, it's beautifully designed and worked!

  2. Thanks, I really appreciate that compliment, coming from you. I've admired your work for some time now.

  3. Stunning piece - patience and loving hands had to create this! Hope you do post to ArtFire or here would love to see more.

  4. It is so intricate, I cannot imagine the hours it took.