Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Good Stuff.

Cut Paper Art Card

Once, many thousands of years ago when I was young, There was a little girl who lived very near me.  She was bright and beautiful, caring and fun to be around.  Her mother and I were good friends.  As time went by, we grew closer until one day, the Mother asked if I would be the girl's Godmother. 

Would I!?  Of course I would.  We had the ceremony and she did indeed become my Godchild.

Years went by.  She grew up and I moved away.  We lost touch with one another, but I still held her in my heart.

But today, she found me on an Internet social network.  I looked at her pictures and she is even more beautiful than ever.  We got to chat for a few minutes, even.

So I am very happy.  Very Blessed.


  1. I am so excited for you. I can imagine how that feels; like being wrapped in down and set in a dish of warm sweet chocolate. while melodious bells played softly in the background.

  2. LOL! What an image! I do like the way you think.