Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Be Yourself

" Be yourself.  All the other roles are taken"

I don't remember who said it.  Maybe I did.  But whoever did, they were right.  I might like to add, Be Yourself Wherever you are at Today.

That's not a lesson I have learned easily.  In fact, I still have to re-learn it at regular intervals.  I keep on thinking that I should be able to do all the things I used to do.  Unfortunately, that is not reality.  I keep on thinking I should be unrelentingly cheerful.  While I am a bit of a Pollyanna,  I am certainly NOT cheerful all the time, I do get down.
I have these expectations of myself, these 'should's.  Maybe someday I will be strong enough to put them down for good.  Meanwhile, I am trying to be strong enough to put down my 'should's, just for a moment, just for now.


  1. Just so's you know - I like you just the way you are! *G* And your tangle, too!

  2. Thanks, my friend. Back at you.

  3. love your mandala series !along with your thoughts...