Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Butterfly Wings

The Zendala above is based on a template by Jo in NZ.  Thanks for her generosity.  But that is not unusual in the Zentangle World.  So many folks freely share info and tangles.  And they are highly supportive and non-judgemental. 

I have found this supportive community elsewhere.  It is also very common with Polymer Clayers.  they too, share their secrets and want folks to succeed. 

Thank heavens for the Internet that links us all together.  I delight in looking at all the artwork shared on the 'net.  I love getting to know people  and linking personalities to art styles.

Thank to all those of you who visit here.  You encourage and inspire me.  I hope sometimes I do the same for you.


  1. Morning, Byrd, You always encourage and inspire me. I missed you yesterday.

  2. I missed you too, but it was a real bad day. Today is much better.

  3. Wow, byrd!!! You're such an inspiration!!!