Thursday, January 22, 2015

Two Good Things

This is one of my Art Cards (2 1/2 in. by 3 1/2 in.).  It doesn't mean anything and has nothing to do with the subject of my blog.  I just included it so you would have something to look at.
Besides, I like to show off once in a while.

It's only Eight O'clock in the morning (my time) and already two very Nice Things have happened.

The first thing is:  I found a Place for something!!!
Now you have to understand that my home is always on the verge of being a candidate for an episode on" Horders".  The main reason for this?   I blame my Mother.  She always told me "A place for everything and everything in it's place." -- which sounds great.  I admit that.  But see, she was rather vague on the finding-a-place-for-everything part.
Truth to tell, I don't have a place for everything.  There are lots and lots of things that live in my house but do not have a place.  They just come in and sit around, usually in the most public place they can find, like the middle of the couch, or right in front of the door.
The other option is that they will have three or four places and I don't use any of them.  Sometimes this is because I can't remember where those places are, or they are hard to reach, or I can't make up my mind which place to use, or --- I forgot that it has a place.

This is somewhat troubling to me as an artist, because I have a ton of art supplies that do need a home of their own.  And then there are the art pieces themselves.  Some of them are in a half-finished stage.  What to do with them?  Will I ever get around to finishing them?  Will I ever Wish I would finish them?  DO I care at all about them?  And what to do with it all in the meantime?  (see?  No place for it/them)
And finished work.  What to do with that?  As of right now it is mostly stuck in boxes or in the closet. Most of it I don't even bother to show to anyone.  (yawn)  
In my will, I have left it all to my local Humane Society in hopes that they can have a big art sale and raise lots of money for the animals. This is probably wishful thinking on my part.

Oh, and the thing I found a place for?  It was a small drawing that I began to color in.  I now am the proud owner of three boxes of small drawings.  They are even labeled:
Blank Drawing  
Partly Finished    and

Mother would be proud.

The Second Good Thing that happened was that my cat threw up his entire breakfast on my new quilt.  No, that isn't the Good Part.  The Good Part is that my thoughtful Min Pin dog  investigated and then re - ate the whole breakfast.  Really cleaned the quilt right up.

I'm gonna wash it anyway.

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