Sunday, January 25, 2015

Fred's Doghouse

Fred on the porch

Fred is in the doghouse.  For those of you who are reading this blog in a language other than English, that is a phrase we use to say that someone is in disgrace.  And Fred is definitely in disgrace.

You would think that, as a blind dog, Fred would be careful, cautious about where he goes.  Nope.  Fred got out of the fenced in yard yesterday.  I'm not sure how.  Probably when my roommate opened the gate to leave.  He is sneaky like that.  But in any case, he was outside for just about the entire day.
When the mail carrier came to drop off our mail, Fred was there, acting as if he would come right into her truck and get her, barking his fool head off.
When a friend came by with some books for me, he pretended he was going to not let her get near the gate.
And worst of all, he kept on finding Ferals and chasing them.  I have no idea why he does that.  It would not do him a bit of good even if he caught one of them.  He's blind.  And they have claws.

Fred thinks this is all some sort of wonderful game.  When Fred is inside, he comes when he called.  When Fred is outside, calling him just makes him dash away.    There is no catching Fred when he is outside.  He is fast and even though he can't see, he can still run.  And he listens very carefully to human footsteps so that he can stay well out of reach if you try to go after him.

Fred is a carefree dog.  Going blind only slowed him down for a little while.  Before, when he could see, he used to get out and bring me presents.  He would go around to the neighbors and gather together all sorts of wonderful treasures.  He would collect used pizza boxes, chicken bones, wrappers of any sort of unhealthy foods and best of all, clothing.  He would steal into other peoples homes (I assume through doggie doors) and gather clothing --especially  underwear -- and bring it back to decorate my lawn.  I swear that dog was laughing the entire time.

But when he finally decides it is time to come home, you can't punish him, because then he will associate coming home with being punished. It is a very frustrating situation for humans.  Or at least it is for me. (I want to be a good neighbor)

Fred does not get outside of the gate very often these days.  My roommate and I have learned how to slip out without Fred getting by us.  But once in a while he is still too fast for us and makes a mad dash for freedom.  Yesterday was one such day.

But finally, as the sun was setting, he smiled his doggie smile, quite aware that I was angry with him, but also knowing that he was loved and that he would be welcomed.  He came in the gate and sniffed the Ferals on the porch in a friendly manner.  Then he came up to me and sat down in front of me, as if to announce that he had returned.  He ignored my frown and scolding.  He just wagged his tail in an unconvincing apology and ducked his head slightly.

We walked together into the house and Fred went to check and see if there was anything interesting in the food bowl.

He's lucky he's cute.

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