Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Feral Portrait: Scamp and the Triplets

Scamp in the foreground

Scamp is a relative newcomer to the group.  He magically showed up when he was about 9 weeks old.  Scared and terrified of the world, he was also starving.  He approached the food so very cautiously, but he was also very determined.  He ate a few bites, then ran.  came back ate a few more bites -- and ran again.  It was heartbreaking.  He would not let anyone, human or feline, come near him.

But after about a month, he stopped running away and began to trust.  It wasn't slow, it was all of a sudden.  He decided that I was OK and could be trusted.  The same for the other kitties.   It just happened, overnight with no particular happening to warn anyone of his impending trust.  

Right now, he is by far the tamest of all the kitties.  He loves to be petted, often rolls over on his back for belly-rubs!  he comes into the house often and has spent the night on a couple of occasions.  He can easily be picked up and even is OK with the Flea-comb.  He even comes when called --sometimes.  He is dangerously close to being a non-feral kitty.

Scamp likes other cats.  He can often be found sleeping in a pile of three or four kitties.  His favorites are any/all of the Triplets, but Charming and Midge are often in the pile as well.  He is sweet-tempered and curious.  He loves to explore the house (yes, he comes inside) and all the plants, both indoors and out.  He was the first cat to discover how to take the lid off the plastic bin containing the cat food. When he comes in the door, he promptly rolls over on the floor, waiting for a belly-rub.  He head-butts Fred (the blind dog) and then rubs up against him, purring loudly.  Sadly, Scamp cannot seem to get the hang of the cat door or the doggie door.  He has to have the human door left open a crack for him.  Once he masters the cat door, I think it will be official that he lives here and is no longer a feral.

Noddy in the foreground, Sir Greyling in the background

Noddy is one of the Triplets.  All three are from the same mother (Lil'Mama) and their brother is Prince Charming and Midge is their sister.  For the longest time I could not tell them apart.  Their coloring is boldly grey striped bulls-eyes with tiny touches of white in appropriate places.  I asked for ideas for names, but no one came up with anything good for the longest time, so they became the Triplets.  You would see a Triplet basking in the sunlight on the cat stand, another Triplet would be exploring the potted trees, the third would be playing with someone.  They tend to stick together but not necessarily doing the same thing (unless it's sleeping).  They are good-natured and became rather friendly fairly quickly.  Two of them asked to be petted before I had ever tried to pet them.  All of them feel quite free to rub my legs and ask for food.

Luckily, a few weeks ago, someone finally did come up with names for them.  (I say that, because without names, it's difficult to tell them apart and almost impossible to start seeing their individual personalities)  I had refused the obvious 'Curly, Larry and Mo'  and also rejected' Enny, Meany and Miney'.  (I just couldn't see calling a sweet cat 'Meany')  But  friend who saw them happily sleeping in a pile suggested Winken, Blinken and Nod.  It Fit!  Nod, however, fast became Noddy.

All three of them come into the house, but Noddy is by far the boldest of the group.  Noddy and Scamp hang out together a lot and learn from one another.  Scamp came into the house, but Noddy was right behind him.  And Noddy HAS learned how to use the cat door -- at least to leave the house.  Not sure if he has figured out the he can get inside the same way.  Both Noddy and Scamp can be picked up and moved away when I am trying to access the food bin.

This is Winken with Sir Greyling . Blicken has her white spot on the other side of her nose.  Noddy doesn't have a white spot on his nose.   I am still in the process of learning about Winken and Blinken, what they like and what their individual preferences and habits are.

Scamp, inspecting some food

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