Saturday, December 6, 2014

Feral Portrait: Prince Charming

Prince Charming is an incredibly beautiful cat.  He is basically cream colored with a very light dusting of gray stripes.  If he spends a lot of time in the sun, he does get darker, as this picture shows.  Without exception, everyone who sees him comments on how handsome he is.  In a fair world, he would be encouraged to breed simply because of his coloring.  But alas, this is the real world, where even stunning and wonderful cats may not find a home, so he was neutered at an early age.

Like many very beautiful people, Charming is rather shy.  He likes to hang out with his siblings in a basket located at the feeding site but humans are always kept at a respectful distance.  Long  after most kittens have gone their own way in the world, Charming has kept close contact with all four of his brothers and sisters, but he is especially close with the triplets.  He is almost always in the company of at least one of them.  He seems a good older brother to them, as they like him and seek him out.

He is most likely not a mighty hunter.  He plays with wind-driven leaves but has never gone for a bird while anyone was watching.

He is a pensive cat, often musing over the Fate of the World.  He has a lot of very serious thoughts as you can tell by the picture above.   He likes to stay around home, but has yet to come up on the porch.  Like his mother, Lil'Mama, he does not allow anyone the familiarity of petting him.  He stays clear of friendly hands, even at feeding time.

He has impeccable manners with other cats.  Unlike many of them, he does not bat felines away from his eating.  Rather, he will move aside and let older cats take over.  He will gladly share his diner with any of the triplets.  And he loves to curl up with his brothers and sisters in the basket or under the tree.

He is very contented.  There is reason to believe that as he ages, he will become a philosopher cat.

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