Sunday, November 30, 2014

Feral Portrait: Pearl

As you can see, Pearl is a very sweet and sophisticated young lady.  She is from the same litter as Blaze, but she was not as quick as Blaze to trust me.  She politely stood back and watched Blaze for several months before she decided that I was safe to be around.   Now, she lets me pet her -- but not too much.   Pearl is very laid back and gives no one any trouble, most of the time.  I have seen her take a whack at some rude cat who might be muzzling in on her food, but she doesn't push others out of the way.  She waits for the most part for her turn.  However, once she has settled down to eat, she brooks no interference.

She is a solid Gray Tuxedo with no stripes except for a hint of stripes on her tail.  Her nose is a very dainty white.  She has two other siblings that look very much like her, except that Opal has a Black nose and Almost doesn't have a strait line down her nose, it is somewhat cock-eyed.  But as you can see below, Pearl is very refined.

Pearl has been inside the house at least once.  She is not the pushiest of cats, but she did look around a bit.   I think Adams might grow to like her.

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