Friday, January 27, 2012

Why Blog ? Pt 1

Why Blog?  That is the question.  Whether  ‘tis nobler in the mind . . . . . er, no.  Getting started on entirely the wrong foot here.

Rather the question I need to know, for myself, is why write this blog?  What is the purpose?

To answer that, I have to be clear about some aspects of myself.
- First off, I am an American, a country that is not living up to what it can or should be.  I do mean to say that we are the worst country in the world: we are not.  But we have wasted our potential, who we could be.  I fear that we may be in the twilight of our golden age.  It saddens me, because in spite of our flaws, I do love this country.
- I am female in a family that valued it’s daughters as much as its sons.
- I am an ordained minister.  I have served 5 congregations over the course of the years.  I am not a Christian, although I have a profound and deep respect for the teachings of Jesus.  But I see value in many different paths.  I see the sense in Atheism, although I am a theist.  I think the most honest Theological stance is Agnosticism, although I am not one.
- I am an animal lover.  All my life (except for about a week and a half, 8 years ago) I have lived with a number of animals.   I once had a pet fly who came when she was called.   Except for ticks and fleas, I pretty much like all critters.  As of right now, I live with three dogs and 6 cats.  I also like the human animal (usually).
- I am a mystic.
- I am an artist.
- I am disabled and housebound (bedridden) most of the time.
- I have no family that is involved in any way in any part of my life.
- By American standards, I am very poor.
- By my standards, I am wealthy beyond measure.

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