Monday, January 30, 2012

So what is the purpose of this Blog?

Well, being disabled proposes many challenges.  One of the hardest for me is to have any meaning or value in my life.  Why live?  What am I good for?

Most of my life I have been wrestling with that very question. Even before the disability.  And now, shut away from people and in very little contact with the outside world, what is it that I can give?  What worth is my life?

That perhaps is the answer to ‘why blog?’.  By blogging, I am reaching out.  Whom am I reaching out to?  To anyone that wants to read it.  To anyone who wants to hear what I have to say.  Who know?  You might see something you recognize in yourself.   You may even be working on some of the same questions. 

You may have something to say that I need to hear.

This blog will be about art, politics, spirituality and small reflections.  Sometimes there will be stories.

As with most Blogs, I am reaching out, trying to connect.  I believe this is something we all need.   I believe that humans, touching other humans, is the most powerful force in this world.  And it is our greatest hope for Peace.

I do not expect that this blog will be consistent, since I am not.   I hope to write often, but make no rash promises as to how often that may be.  Hopefully, it will amuse.  Hopefully, it might help to explain things.  Hopefully it will allow you to see things in a different light.  And hopefully, sometimes it will make you think.

And I hope that sometimes, it will be a dialogue, not just a soliloquy.  I invite you to comment freely.  Please,  invite me to think or to see things in a different light.   Your wisdom is irreplaceable and I may need to hear it.

All I ask is that we treat each other with respect, even when we do not agree.

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  1. I just found your site, and wanted to say Thanks. For your honesty, and for sharing your art! I look forward to your sharing.
    Aloha, Andrea