Saturday, January 21, 2012

It was another beautiful day again, soft cool breezes but not actually cold, even though it is winter here. I am so grateful to have my tiny home and my animals and my human friends as well.

I was reminded again this morning of how very fortunate I am in my friends.  I've always had excellent taste in people and my friends are stellar individuals, folks I am proud to know, folks I am proud to introduce to others.  Some people think I am attracted to difficult people, and perhaps I am, but they are worth it.  They may be difficult, but they are honest, trustworthy and true.

Today could have been ugly, because of things going on in my life, but instead it was a wonderful day, because a friend decided to pick me up  and taek me on some errands.
Simple thoughtfulness.  No big deal, no earth-shaking acts, just small gestures that said that she cared, without ever using the words.

I am blessed.  I hope to pass it on.

May you do the same.

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