Friday, July 19, 2013

When I was a child, I had no real idea of what I wanted to do with my life.  I had no plans to become a movie star or a great musician.  I enjoyed acting at the local theater, but didn't think I would like the way it worked when you were trying to get paid for it.

I did know one thing that, for sure, I wanted in my life: a screen door.

I wanted an old fashioned screen door, the one with the spring on it, so that it BANGed loudly and drove me crazy with all the kids and animals coming and going at will.

In one way, I never got my wish.  I made choices that meant no kids in my life (except for foster kids) and after collage, I never again lived in the country (sadness), so no chickens or pigs or goats in my life.

Now, I am old (older than I ever thought possible when I was a child) and I am disabled enough so that I spend most of my life in bed.   But much to my surprise, I kinda have finally gotten my wish.

Murray guarding Paulie Paul(who was recovering from an injury)

I live in one room in a mobile home that has a large front porch and a fenced in yard.  I also live with three cats and four dogs.  There is no way I could constantly be getting up to let them out and in again, so I installed a 'pet door' in the wall, going out to the porch.

Fred, looking expectant.
And just now, I realized that the pet door bangs, just a little, whenever a dog or cat comes or goes.  And somehow I find that very comforting, to be the one they come home to, the one who they cuddle with and know they are safe with.  I cherish their trust.  And I am a part of their lives, voluntarily on both sides.   I am Blessed with someone to love.

The door just Banged again.

 Fred enjoying the dog park.

I really want to thank whoever it is that invented the pet door.

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