Thursday, July 11, 2013

Once is not enough

I had the strangest dream the other night.  I dreamed that Jesus planned a break out from Heaven.

I don’t remember why or who was with Him, though there were multitudes of Angels by His side.  I remember watching as the walls of Heaven fell, and the light from Heaven streamed out and went with them as the escapees left.

When I awoke, I started thinking about that whole idea.   Why would Jesus want to leave Heaven?  If He did, would He have to break out or would He just be able to walk out the gates?

So I came up with a scenario:

Jesus was sitting up in Heaven, looking down at humankind.  Humans were trying to live good lives, but things were not going well.  There was war, but no peacemakers.   There was famine, but no one coming to their aid.  There was sickness and suffering, but no one to hold a weakened hand or cool a fevered brow.    Humans were hurting one another, hurting other animals, plants and even the planet itself.

Jesus was horrified.   Whatever happened to Love?  Whatever happened to Forgiveness?  Whatever happened to all the love and joy that each human was born with?  Jesus wondered if maybe He should return to earth one more time.  

And Jesus cried out to His Father.

God the Father heard Jesus and was pained.  Once was enough!  God was simply not ready to see Jesus die on the cross again.  Too hurtful.

But, Jesus said, what if the cross was not involved? 

No, no, cried God, Humans will always persecute the righteous!  Always, they will be martyred!

I really don’t agree, said Jesus.  You see, what shows the Way is not pain, but Joy.  What if this time, Humans learn that Children of God can be identified by their Love, by their Peace, by the way in which they treat others and themselves?

I forbid it!  Cried God!  I cannot take the chance!

So Jesus went back to watching earth for a while.  But Jesus simply could not handle the pain humankind was causing itself, so He called to His followers in heaven.  Together, they prayed for the wisdom, to know what was the right thing to do.

And the answer came, in a still small voice:

One visit to Earth was obviously not enough.  But even if He went back to Earth again, it would not be enough.  The world had become too complex and large.     
Then Jesus understood.

The last time he came to earth, he had suffered greatly and folks remembered that.  In fact, many had come to believe that the way to Heaven was through suffering.  But they missed the true message altogether.  

What if, instead of martyrs, what was needed were those who would express joy and laughter and fairness?  What if instead of one individual, there were angels everywhere, in every country, in every time, in every family, to show the way?

 What was needed was to flood the earth with wise, caring souls.  Not just one life, or two, but a throng, so that each person would know at least one angel, maybe more.

Jesus asked the angels for volunteers to go back and help humans learn to be loving and caring.   Thousands signed up, willing to take the long path to earth.

And Again Jesus cried to His Father. 

Father, I beg of you, let us go unto the earth and spread your love.

God sighed and then looked at the great multitude of Angels at the side of Jesus.  They cannot return to earth unless they no longer remember that they are Angels, God said, Their mission must be accomplished because of their own free will, not merely because you wish it.  

Then God said, the gates of Heaven are not wide enough to let all of you through, you will have to break down the walls.

Joyfully, Jesus and the Angels broke through the Walls of Heaven to give the earth a hundred thousand enlightened souls to show the way.  As they flew off, Jesus turned and cried to the Father “Father, Bless us and may we Bring you the Glory of Human souls full of love and peace and Joy.

And as Jesus left, God looked on in trepidation,  but because of His Great Love for Jesus and all Humankind,  God sent the Light of Heaven to accompany all the Brave Souls who would return to earth.

And so it is, that a hundred thousand brave souls came to earth that we might all entertain Angels unaware. 

We may even be one of those Angels.

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