Thursday, December 1, 2011

Lesson #1

Lesson #1

What cheating at cards has taught me

I admit it.  I cheat at cards.  Oh, never when I am playing with other folks, just during solitaire.  And even then, my cheating only means that I can take back a move and try another option.  Having the games on a computer makes it easier, because I don’t have to clear off a flat place to put the cards.

So in solitaire, even on a computer, there are do-overs.  If only there were do-overs in real life.  Except, sometimes there are.  Once in a great while we get to do something over.  But, silly us, when that happens, many of us make the same moves we did the first time.  

Just to make sure that what we did last time really doesn’t work.

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