Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran's Day

Today is the day that the United States honors those who have served their country in the Armed Forces.  I have mixed feelings about that.

First let me make it clear that I think we owe our vets -- for the rest of their lives if need be.  They deserve the best care we can provide.  Period.  No exceptions.

But I do not support  the last 6 wars we have been involved in.  I am appalled by them.  From Korea on, we have had no business fighting.  (In fact, after 9/11, we have the best opportunity in all of  human history to end, or at least curtail, war as means of solving problems --- and we blew it, big time!)

I blame the politicians for the wars.  It is squarely in their camp that we sent our youth to be slaughtered or changed forever.  I blame Ego and Greed.  I blame the War Profiteers.

And I blame myself, for not having done more to be a peacemaker.

I want to be a person who loves.  I want to one of many who wage peace.  I want to be a part of a movement to see all people as my brothers and sisters.  I want to eschew violence and restore respect.
I want us all to live in peace and brotherhood.
 And let it begin with me.

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  1. The person I am most violent towards is myself, when I find myself making mistakes and I get upset.