Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rescuing Mandalas

Each Mandala has its own personality.  Sometimes it’s easy to see right away, but sometimes when a Mandala is being born, it doesn’t quite seem finished.  Then you have to stop and live with it for a while before going on.  Adding just a few elements will change the whole Mandala, sometimes even leading it to whole new purposes.
Take the two Mandalas below, one at a time.
Hope   5" by 7"

This was a lovely little Mandala.  It was small, sweet and pretty, but it didn’t seem to have power or form.  It felt unfinished.  It started out as a paean to growth and health, but one detected little strength in it.
So it sat to one side until it spoke.  First, it needed Joy, so the orange was added.  Then it needed stability and depth, so the purple was added. Finally, it needed sparkle, so the lines were added. 

Hope Indeed   5" by 7"

It became an entirely different Mandala, no longer shy and modest, but outgoing and joyous.  No longer fragile, but now delicate.  It became nearly a fireworks of Joy and Hope  
    &      &     &

The next Mandala did seem finished, but it did not speak of what its gifts might be.  Using some of the same elements as the first Mandala, the two seemed far too much alike.    This Mandala needed its own identity, its own purpose. 

Thought  7" by 7"

After some time of pondering its mission, it decided to add depth and thought, along with wisdom and definition.   This took a bit of time and thought but it worked.


Now the Mandala is full and powerful, stable and watchful.   This Mandala will stabilize a meditator and give focus. 
This Mandala speaks of quiet power and resolve.

I hope this helps you see how a Mandala may evolve and grow and how its purpose is found.

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