Friday, July 15, 2011

ArtFire Mandalas

Apologies for letting this blog lie fallow for so long.  I have no good excuse, just that I not had energy to post.

I have, however, been working.  I have been making Mandalas and putting them up on my ArtFire account.

Mandalas are usually round and abstract patterns used in almost all major religions as an aid to Prayer and Meditation.  They considered to be a healing and centering influence.  The Hindu sand paintings, the Christian Rose Windows in majestic cathedrals, the Native American sand paintings, all are examples of Mandalas.
A Mandala is made to explore with your eyes the interplay of color, shape and design.  Mandalas also often invite the viewer to gently touch.
Mandalas fascinate me.  I get lost in them.  And I love making them.  I never plan ahead of time what a Mandala will look like, I just allow them to grow.
All my Mandalas are made with prayerful intention.  I begin in the center.  Traditionally, in the very center is a small dot, usually red.  I tend to use a crystal for the dot.  Then I work my way out, one row at a time.  After I have finished a preliminary pattern, I live with it for a while before gluing the parts in place.  Often I will change it until it seems coherent.
Mandalas have meaning.  Allow me to give an example:
The name of the Mandala above is “Strength”.  This is a smaller mandala, 4 3/4 by 6 3/4 inches.  The earth colors of the background provide grounding.  The green leaves indicate growth and health.  The pink to purple to blue petals suggest strength, intelligence and passion.  The orange leaves are for attraction of all good things.  The final ring, done in black and white, provide definition and understanding, with a touch of the frilly to help one not to take one’s self quite so seriously.
This is a Mandala for Courage and the Strength to follow through.
I try to create Mandalas that give the world energies that it needs.
Honestly, I don’t know if it does any good.  I don’t know if prayer or meditation  do any good.  Maybe Prayer just helps the prayer.  Maybe Meditation just changes the meditator. 
But sometimes, I need to pray.  Sometimes I need to meditate.  And beauty draws me in and sets my spirit soaring.  So, in that spirit I offer my Mandalas to you.
May you find peace in your world.


  1. This is really a beautiful Mandala and a very nice post! Thanks for sharing.

  2. This may be one of my most favorite of your mandalas. :)