Sunday, June 19, 2011

Creating New Spaces

2' by 3', approx
Needlepoint on 22 canvas

This week, the house achieved record-braking status in the health-department-shut-down stakes.  An unbelievable amount of “stuff” had accumulated while I hadn’t been paying attention.  
So I did the only thing that a rational person can do under the circumstances:  I re-arranged the furniture.
Now, some of you know from previous posts that housekeeping is not in my skillset.  Strangely, though, organizing is.  I can organize just about anything or anyone, given the chance.  It’s the upkeep that is the problem for me.  So my home is organized, but really, really messy.
The problem comes when I bring something new into the home, that doesn’t already have a place.  And I have two big categories of ‘things’ that are added into my home on a regular basis: Books and Art Supplies.  The One-In-One-Out rule is not helpful with either of them.  I mean, you don’t get rid of art supplies just because you have not used them yet!    That’s unthinkable.  And as for books --- well most of my long-term-keeping books are either reference books (usually art ) or old friends that I read again and again.
But the real issue in my home is PAPERS.  They multiply much faster than I can look through them and discard.
So, naturally, my solution is to re-arrange the furniture.
Lest you think I have lost something vital in the logic dept., allow me to explain:  I have a limited amount of space (don’t we all?) and I need to fit everything I own into this space.   Sadly, I do believe in the house-faerie.  She will magically expand your space if only you re-arrange the space available.  For instance, if you turn the bed one way, the room will be much smaller than if you turn it the other way and push it up against the wall.  If you add a small shelf along the wall where the bed is, then you have enough room for your water glass, a book or two, and maybe even clickers for the TV or the latest art project you are working on while in bed.  Corner shelves are nice for taking advantage of space too.  You can even put (Gasp!) Art in one of these nooks.
But perhaps the biggest perk of re-arranging the furniture is the excitement it affords the cats.  Cats LOVE to explore new space.  They walk into the room, looking all wide-eyed, as if they have never been there before.  Sometimes they pause and even crouch down, as if to defend themselves form a horrible  Heffelump  that must be hiding in the new space.  And then their old friends, the dust bunnies, have been re-located (usually to the round-filing cabinet) so they prowl to see what they need to pounce on to put everyone in their place.
Sadly, this morning Addams was chasing Franklin as they zoomed into my room, unaware that I had moved things.  Franklin leaped for the footstool—that wasn’t there anymore.  The look on his face was priceless.  Addams, too wasn’t paying attention, as he leaped to the table – that had been moved.  His face was filled with confusion for a moment as he sailed through the air.  He landed awkwardly and then righted himself and started licking himself in an  I-meant-to-do-that gesture.
The house is not yet finished, I still have a couch and chair to find places for, but when the cats discover then new hiding places, I’m sure we will have adventures with that, too.
 Mean-time, the papers continue to multiply.



  1. Oh my, are you my "twin" or what??? Papers are a huge problem for me. My dear Hubby has threatened to take away my printer (but he keeps buying me ink and paper, so I think it's an empty threat). I too am a great organizer, but also not good on the upkeep (I want to "keep" everything, LOL). Thanks for a great chuckle as I just printed out about 50 pages of information for a new endeavor I'm looking into. There just isn't any end. I did fix the book problem (at least for fiction) I was given a Kindle and subsequently gave Good Will about 3000 paperback books. Of course this does NOT include my art and craft books, LOL. Have a wonderful day. Smiles Sue C

  2. LOL - very funny, probably because it rings with truth! Love the idea of re-arranging, we usually move before that is necessary. Moving is so good - find things you forgot, get rid of things never used and get to organize on the other end. Sometimes I can remember where something is in the house from 2 moves ago but can't find in this one. Any way thanks for the post!

  3. I would have loved to see the cats doing that! LOL!

    I find it a stitch that you love rearranging so much... and you're not doing it just to avoid the papers! You simply must build a better mousetrap... over and over again. Me? The furniture could stay in the same place for 30 years. I watch Netflix to avoid the papers. :P