Friday, June 3, 2011

Age - Permission


I have been thinking a lot recently about age.  So many different ramifications to each age and to aging.  I started writing down some of my thoughts and taking bits from previous writings.  I will be sharing some of them with you in the next few days.

Sometimes I think the worst part of any age is how other folks treat you.  Different ages are expected to have different rules of conduct.    Permission to have a cookie, permission for a drink of water, permission to go to the bathroom.

One of the nicest things about being an adult is that I no longer have to ask permission to have a cookie.


  1. I think that I reached maturity at the moment that I realized that I was as much an authority on many thing as any one else in my life. My parents were not the ultimate authority and my husband was not all knowing. I had the same access to information as anyone else. That was quite a revelation. I remember feeling almost giddy with that knowledge! All of my life I had been made to feel stupid; like I was an idiot.

  2. Eating a cookie is not a problem for me, but being able to go to the bathroom without permission is a big one for me.

    but the weird thing is, I did not feel like an adult until I had children. When I was 30.