Wednesday, May 21, 2014

By Rev Byrd Tetzlaff
I do not mean to offend, take what you like and leave the rest

I have a question, and I would really like to hear your answer, so please do leave a message with your answer.   But first, let me set up the scene:

Imagine if you will, that you are getting a piece of mail.  It is a small package, about 2 inches by 3 inches by 4 inches.  You have no idea what it could be.  You have not bought anything recently that would shipped to you.  It is not your birthday or near any Holiday that would cause someone to send you something.  As you look at the package, it is clearly addressed to you, but there is no indication of who may have sent it to you.

Cautiously, you open it.  Inside is a beautifully wrapped tiny oil lamp – complete with a note.   The Note reads as follows:

    You have been chosen to receive this magic oil lamp, because it is believed that you will be able to use it wisely.  You will have three wishes to use as you wish – except, that one of those wishes must be entirely about and for yourself.  If none of your wishes qualify as being entirely for yourself, none of your wishes will come true.
    Also, you may not wish for more wishes or transfer any of your wishes to someone else or change the conditions of this lamp. 
    All of your wishes must be made within 24 hours of receiving this package.   When you have made your three wishes,  The lamp will disappear and go on to the next candidate.
    Good luck and Happy Wishing.

Now, as with many of you, I would wish for world peace, or an end to starvation among children.  I might wish for the planet to be saved from Global Warming or a cure be found for cancer.  All these are noble wishes and I’m sure each of you could come up with many more that are similar.

But what would you do for the wish that is only for you?  What would you wish?

Would you wish to win the lottery or to lose a certain number of pounds?  Would you wish to have naturally blond hair or to fall in love with someone worthy of you?  What would be your most cherished wish about/for yourself?  Please share.

I will leave my answer on here sometime later this week.

I promised you my answer.  Well, mine has to do with my sense of humor.  You see, for a very long time in my life, The people closest to me did not care for my sense of humor.  They would often get angry if I was cheerful when things were down.  Evidently they thought I wasn't taking life seriously enough.  And, good people-pleaser that I am, I would try not to make jokes or smile when they were in a bad mood.  Also, I didn't like getting hit.

But they are no longer in my life (I decided that I didn't need toxic folks to be with), so now I can smile and make off-center remarks.  But it is as if I have forgotten how to do that.

So, my wish would be that my sense of humor would return and that I would know how to apply it judiciously.


  1. I would wish for my health to be restored. While it may not be true that if you have your health you have everything, it's true enough in my experience. <3

  2. First, can I comment on your wish? Your sense of humour hasn't deserted you. It may be a bit bruised and battered but it will surface again in its own good time.

    Enough of the homespun philosophy.

    So what would I wish for myself, apart from a date with a 30 year old Robert Redford, you mean? To be a little more tolerant of my own short comings. Like it or not, they are part of me and it's time I learned to live with it.(And, perhaps I should be more tolerant of others too but that wouldn't be just for me, would it?)