Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Since I was a little child, I loved the way language worked.  I loved puns and double-meanings.   And most of all, I loved neat turns of phrases or new ideas in a cleaver way..  When I was a little older, I started collecting things that people would say.  After a time, I was turned on to the world of quotes.

Then, in Virginia, I met a woman who sold her art in the form of "Bon Mots".  She would write up something and put artwork around it.  I liked it and asked her if I could borrow the idea.  She laughed and said that I was free to do so, but she didn't think it was her original idea.

So lately, I have been taking some of my favorite quotes and putting artwork with them.  They are all on 5" by 7" paper.  I have a limited amount of prints of each of them, and each one has an acrylic frame to display it.  Sadly, I am not a great photographer, so you will have to click on the picture to see it clearly.

The one about is an example.of my 'Musings', as I call them.

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